Financial Reports
11/03/2021Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2020/21 INTERIM REPORT (938KB, PDF)
28/10/2020Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report / Environmental, Social and Governance Information/Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2020 (2628KB)
12/03/2020Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report]
24/10/2019Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report / Environmental, Social and Governance Information/Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2019 (2855KB, PDF)
14/03/2019Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2018/19 INTERIM REPORT (1153KB, PDF)
25/10/2018Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report / Environmental, Social and Governance Information/Report]ANNUAL REPORT 2018 (2283KB, PDF)
08/03/2018Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2017/18 INTERIM REPORT (403KB, PDF)
19/10/2017Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report / Environmental, Social and Governance Information/Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2017 (2071KB, PDF)
09/03/2017Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2016/17 INTERIM REPORT (1117KB, PDF)
20/10/2016Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2016 (2073KB, PDF)
10/03/2016Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2015/16 INTERIM REPORT (780KB, PDF)
23/10/2015Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2015 (1507KB, PDF)
12/03/2015Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2014/15 INTERIM REPORT (3819KB, PDF)
16/10/2014Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2014 (2442KB, PDF)
13/03/2014Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2013/14 INTERIM REPORT (967KB, PDF)
24/10/2013Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2013 (1372KB, PDF)
15/03/2013Financial Statements/ESG Information – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2012/13 INTERIM REPORT(1443KB, PDF)
18/10/2012Financial Statements – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2012 (6087KB, PDF)
15/03/2012Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2011/12 INTERIM REPORT (535KB, PDF)
29/09/2011Financial Statements – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2011 (4575KB, PDF)
10/03/2011Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2010/11 INTERIM REPORT (590KB, PDF)
12/11/2010Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2010/11 FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT (628KB, PDF)
28/09/2010Financial Statements – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2010 (857KB, PDF)
14/05/2010Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2009/10 THIRD QUARTERLY REPORT (185KB, PDF)
10/02/2010Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2009/10 INTERIM REPORT (218KB, PDF)
16/11/2009Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2009/10 FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT (519KB, PDF)
28/09/2009Financial Statements – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2009 (1505KB, PDF)
14/05/2009Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2008/09 SECOND INTERIM REPORT
10/02/2009Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2008/09 THIRD QUARTERLY REPORT
13/11/2008Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2008/09 INTERIM REPORT
13/08/2008Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2008/09 FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT
30/06/2008Financial Statements – [Annual Report] ANNUAL REPORT 2008
13/02/2008Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2007/08 Third Quarterly Report
14/11/2007Financial Statements – [Interim/Half-Year Report] 2007/08 Interim Report
14/08/2007Financial Statements – [Quarterly Report] 2007/08 First Quarterly Report
28/06/2007Financial Statements – 2007 Annual Report
16/02/20073rd Quarterly Report 2006/2007
15/11/20062nd Quarterly Report 2006/2007
15/08/20061st Quarterly Report 2006/2007
30/06/2006Annual Report 2005/2006
13/02/20063rd Quarterly Report 2005/2006
14/11/20052nd Quarterly Report 2005/2006
15/08/20051st Quarterly Report 2005/2006
30/06/2005Annual Report 2004/2005
08/02/20053rd Quarterly Report 2004/2005
16/11/20042nd Quarterly Report 2004/2005
11/08/20041st Quarterly Report 2004/2005
28/06/2004Annual Report 2003/2004
12/02/20043rd Quarterly Report 2003/2004
10/11/20032nd Quarterly Report 2003/2004
13/08/20031st Quarterly Report 2003/2004
02/07/2003Annual Report 2002/2003
29/01/20033rd Quarterly Report 2002/2003
22/11/20022nd Quarterly Report 2002/2003
13/08/20021st Quarterly Report 2002/2003
25/06/2002Annual Report 2001/2002

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