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About Winfull

Winfull Group Holdings Limited (Winfull Group) has been listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2010.  Winfull Group has three core business activities – property development and investment, interior design and architectural services, portfolio investment and management.

Property development and investment is one of our core business, and our portfolio can bring us long-term stable income.  After a few year of growth, our business reach has been expanded into interior design and architectural services, and portfolio investment and management. The asset value of our Group amounts to over HK$2.2 billion.

With roots in Hong Kong, our business and investment has been expanding into China, the United Kingdom (“UK”), Japan, Germany, Cambodia and the United State of America (“USA”).  As a whole, we are dedicated to strengthening our operation in Hong Kong and expanding our long-term business interests overseas, towards the objective of delivering the best returns to our shareholders and investors.

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