Corporate Social and Responsibility

In addition to enhancing the profitability for our shareholders through active business development and expansion, we are also committed to community charity engagement, environmental protection and employees’ care. 

Community Care and Charity Events

2012 to 2019
  • Donation and participation to a charity walk of the Community Chest
  • Donation and sponsoring staff to participate in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
  • Donation to various charitable group, including Po Leung Kuk and Community Chest, etc.
  • Setup of a Po Leung Kuk Winfull Charity Fund Foundation. This charity fund dedicates to help low income families fulfill their financial needs to rent a separate abode due to urban renewal, private acquisition, removal orders or other emergency and to improve their home safety. It also aims at providing urgent supplement for families of staff and students in affiliated schools; and higher education supplement for affiliated would-be students enrolling in University Grants Committee (UGC) funded programs; as well as funding for innovational technology and STEAM in affiliated secondary and primary schools.

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